“I may not have had a great day, but I had a good day “

– Ryker Hill, age 9

Out of the mouths of babes, so they say…

My girlfriend’s son, not quite ten years old, in all of his wisdom, gave me the quote I’m going to use today. Of course, I asked for his permission.

He’s a typical boy in all the usual ways. Rambunctious, fearless, dirt-loving; a speed demon with a wicked grin and a joy for all things related to flatulence. But he is also sensitive and smart, with a heart he wears willingly on his sleeve. He is a night owl and an over thinker, just like me. And like me, he wants to make people smile, is ready and willing to help and goes the extra mile for a laugh. We definitely connected the first time we met.

I like to think people come into our lives for various reasons, and children are not excluded from this belief.

And this young man, who reminds me alot of myself when I was young (and even now), with his overthinking brain and big heart, often comes home from school with a facial expression that tells me I don’t need to ask how his day was. School is not his favourite place to be, (possible understatement). So we have an ongoing ritual. I ask him to tell me one bad thing and then one good thing out of the day. And it can be anything. After about the third day, his responses came quicker and sometimes they came easy, even if they were something like it was the last day of school and the weekend starts or that his lunch was good!

Then, it was my turn. I had a shitshow of a day. Maybe a couple of days, if I’m being honest. Nothing was going right and everything I touched either fell, broke or crumbled. I couldn’t get my shit together and I was pretty damn close to losing what little shit I had left. It was a challenge just to keep myself together so as not to scare the children!

And that’s when Ryker, dusty and dirty-faced with a shine in his eyes, turns to me and says, “I may not have had a great day, but I had a good day.”

Boom. Silence. Profound, beautiful silence. And it hit home.

Kids are brilliant in their simplicity.

Thank you Linda G. Hill and one-liner wednesday!!