“You don’t get to be broke and ugly. Pick a struggle.”

*I have no idea if anyone said this but it’s damn funny!*

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I had a different one-liner ready for today, but this one kept scrolling across my brain as I suffered through the tedious art of laundry folding and other mundane activities that no one ever enjoys nor do they avoid successfully. Unless they’re financially blessed and can pay to have their surroundings shine so bright astronauts are blinded, while their closets magically restock themselves with freshly pressed clean clothes. Being poor, on the other hand, has literally no perks except the laundry pile is significantly smaller. This caused my brain to expand on the concept of laundry pile size correlating with the level of body/facial perfection. Just how large would my basket of laundry be if I resembled “The Goonies” Sloth and had a personality of a wet blanket? My social calendar would look like-well, like a plain old calendar with gleaming white empty squares, devoid of any scribbled notes regarding social functions. My Saturday nights would find me finishing the 24 puzzles stashed in my linen closet still in my pajamas that I rolled out of bed in that same morning. No need for those LBD’s,or ridiculously expensive (uncomfortable) high heels. No copious amounts of push up bras or too many pairs of designer jeans. And no unnecessary collection of slutty nightclub clothes and useless (expensive) lingerie. This concept was simultaneously liberating and terrifying.

My laundry duty would be significantly streamlined and almost efficient! Also, the closet would heave room for that burgeoning puzzle collection.

I wasted the remainder of my time mulling over which struggle would be worth it just to escape that mind-numbing job of little effort that consumes so much of our time.

In the end I never did decide on which of those struggles were better ( being rich comes with other ‘problems’ regarding laundry; like do you trust the maid? Do you buy the new collections every season? Do you risk wearing an outfit more than twice and risk alienation at the country club?). The struggle is apparently real.

I did realize that we all have similar challenges, no matter the socioeconomic dynamics. And that laundry is a demon we will never slay. So I got back in line with the rest of the world. Pick a struggle and deal with it the best we can, I suppose.

Still looking for the folding fairies, though. They’re out there somewhere. I hope they’re a volunteer service.

Thanks Linda G. Hill for keeping it all real on a humpday 🙂 Hit her blog up and join #1linerWednesday!