I hate this fucking block editor bullshit and all I do is try to remember where “classic” is (dementia’s a bitch for productivity). Maybe it’s just me. Or my hand-me-down laptop. Even could be my dad’s internet. Hell, it could be aliens working for the government stealing our thoughts and putting them in Trump’s hair. Just kidding. It’s probably the 3 racoons I see roaming the yard every night. As you can see, I’m in a wonderful mood.    Don’t get too close she might bite. The cat bites? No but her owner does.

Onward and upward people! I was going to write something sweet and funny and eloquent, but now all I can think of is how much stuff I have, even after downsizing to my childhood bedroom. I have been crazy-busy finding, buying, and getting my vintage, new home back home! Yes, ladies and gentlemen the crazy cat lady finally got her mobile home.

So without further A-do….please welcome the newest member of the M family……..MATILDA!


She’s got a few issues but so do I. She ain’t pretty but she sure is cute. And not as mean as Mabel. Or me.

It’s happening for real, folks. This chick is living in a Toyota Slumber Queen full-time and she has no idea what the fuck she’s doing. She has absolutely zero RV experience. That’s right. Zero. None. Never. Tenting and camping and lighting a fire that we all drink around? I can do that. But figuring out grey water and drinking water and fuses and hoses and batteries etc……nope. Not a fucking clue.

So it could get interesting. Or cringe-worthy. Stay tuned my friends and stay safe and healthy!