it might be laziness but that doesn’t mean it isn’t relevant. Shameless reblog because I just don’t wanna think any more.
And many of you good people need the dose of rage way more than me. Just survive folks…one minute at a time!!

MadMeg's Musings...

Sometimes you just need to give yourself permission to rage.
No crying.  No whining. No ranting. No raving.
No journal, no quiet time, no breathing exercises or meditation.
Just pure, unadulterated rage.
And then you move the fuck on. Forward hopefully.

No judgement if you don’t move forward. Shit happens. We’re all human and just need a fucking break sometimes. Or a door to kick and a plate to throw! I don’t know about you but i’m sick of having to remember to count to ten and practice my deep breathing like I’m in labour. And sometimes I don’t want to fucking analyze my thoughts or ‘use my words’. The only words I need to use are not suitable for analyzing. And for the love of God or Jesus or any other holy thing  please stop telling me to do YOGA! Fuck yoga.

Let us rage!! Free the rage! Rage…

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