Thank you to Linda G. Hill and her #SoCS Prompt. My first time trying it. I’ve been needing and wanting to write as of late, but can’t seem to get this spastic brain to sit still long enough to even form proper sentences….so this helps 😉  Here’s the link: #SoCS Sept 9th Prompt


Not sure where I’m even going with this post. Lately, I don’t seem to know where I am and how I got there, and how I’m gettin’ back to….where was I supposed to be going with this? What was my motive? Ya, that’s my brain lately. Scattered. Tired. Excited. Happy. Numb. Sullen. Miserable. Back to happy. You get the fucking picture.

Lately I’ve had no time to really see the walls I am running in to. Which may or may not be a good thing. I like to usually see what it is that might break my resolve once I hit it, but not knowing has added an element of surprise; ‘fun’ some might say.


Everyone has a motive. Everyone has a goal or an objective. Some might be pure, so to speak, and full of generosity. Others are sinister, or just plain selfish and not well thought out. There are almost always reasons for these motives, whether you agree with them or not. To call some motives ‘pure’ and others not, is also a judgement call none of us should get to make. Sometimes a motive is just to get from one fucking day to the next. I’ve had times in my life where it was an hour a time. One step at a time. Motive? Ya, I had motives. Get money. Pay bills. Feed my kid. Those were the ‘good’ motives. I don’t have to mention the bad ones. I lived with them….and the consequences that came with them.

The motive doesn’t make the man. Or woman. Or maybe the woman doesn’t make the motive? Hell, I’m all out of explanations, people….NEXT!!!