Not Crazy.

                             “But I’m not crazy, I’m just a little unwell.”

                                                             -Matchbox Twenty, “Unwell”


My theme song lately. 🙂 Happy Humpday everyone. Also, did you know it’s National Colouring Book Day today? I swear. I saw it on Twitter from reliable people (not Trump). Although I am sure he’s done his fair share of colouring during his kindergarten days….which he is apparently still living in. But that’s an entirely different post, and it won’t be titled “Not Crazy”.

Over and Out.

Thank you  Linda G Hill   for   One Liner Wednesday. 




8 thoughts on “Not Crazy.

      1. ok. I have done nothing today. And by that, I mean I worked some and then spent a good 2 hours with the kids at doctor’s to get their physicals done, so they can play school sports. So, that is something off my list I needed to do!

        Don’t be outside at all then! You need those nurse masks!


  1. You’re in BC?!? No wonder you’re unwell. I hope they get the fires out soon. It’s been such a bad couple of years. As you can see by my post, we’re still dealing with spring flooding in Ontario.
    Take care. And thanks for joining in!

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    1. Thank you! Yes we are in a bad spot over here but grateful we are okay. Yikes Ontario has been wet for awhile. My daughter is in Kingston and she said they are finally getting a summer!


      1. Glad to hear you’re okay. 🙂 I’m less than an hour from Kingston! It’s one of my favourite places on the planet and it’s the setting of my novel. 😀
        Yeah, it’s been hot the past couple of days, but apparently there’s another cold front coming. What a summer!


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