“If you think you are too old to rock n’ roll, then you are.”

— Lemmy Kilmister 

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That’s it. That’s all. No explanation required. Keep that music playing, people.

It’s One Liner Wednesday  and I need some Motorhead to propel me through this horror movie of a morning. No sleep, no relief and somehow 42 feels like 72. Thank god it’s just a number. What would Lemmy do? He sure as hell wouldn’t let his age get in the way (and he’d probably drink his shitty morning away at his favourite strip club in L.A.)! Thank you Lemmy for your music and your words. You were, and always will be, the legitimate legend of rock n’ roll, through and through. Somewhere out there the whiskey is flowing and the amps are blaring. And rumour has it there are no more virgins in heaven.

This short and not so sweet post was brought to you by Linda G. Hill  and her  #1linerWeds morning kick-off. Thanks Linda, it was just as good as my giant cup of coffee! I hope everyone joins in.Related image