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So to start this blog post I have to thank Sandi over at Flip Flops Everyday.  Check out her blog and her Manic Monday challenges and enter ’em for yourself! I love that the rules are: there are no rules. She’s my kinda gal, that Sandi.

This is my “Manic Monday #2 Challenge” using the song title “Imagine” by the iconic John Lennon.

Image result for imagineWe all have that one friend who loves to exclaim, at the end of some story: “Can you just imagine!?” Well, no. Not always. Sometimes. Depends on the subject. Although, lately, with alot of time and not alot of energy, I find myself imagining all sorts of things. Here is a compiled, Reader’s Digest edition of my ‘list’ for lack of better words, of all the things I find myself imagining about lately. To be fair, my mind is chemically altered these days; my husband would argue this makes no difference to my random thought patterns. Also, I want to point out, it’s not really a list. I know lists have taken over the blog world as well as social media and most of us are getting pretty sick of them. I mean really! “19 Things You Need to Know About Eating Chinese Take Out” — you couldn’t find another thing to make it an even 20? Anyhow….

My first “Imagine if…” came to me this morning, when I put my earbuds in, Pearl Jam blasting away before I even pulled out the french press to make coffee. Could you imagine your life with a musical soundtrack, everyday? Would it help you to make certain decisions or freak you out? I’m sure if I heard Slash’s “Godfather” solo when I walked into a meeting at work, I would figure out real quick that someone was going down for something big. I also would hope it wasn’t me. Of course, having the “Facts of Life” theme song blaring for a few years would probably have helped me while raising teenagers! The “Breaking Bad” theme song comes to mind for a few years in my twenties, but I digress.

Imagine that Ray Donovan wasn’t portrayed by the beautiful Liev Shrieber, but played by Joe Pesci. I mean, any bat-beating scenes would be epic, but I shutter at the graphic sex scenes.


Imagine if the past few months of Trump’s presidency was just Hilary Clinton’s ‘Dallas Dream Sequence’ and when she wakes up, Kanye West is really the Prez. Had this thought come to me last October I would have laughed and said ‘thank god that’s not real!’. Now…not so much. I would take Justin Bieber’s abandoned pet monkey over Trump as president any day.

Imagine we didn’t give a shit what people think about us? No, really. I’m serious. Let’s try it! At this point in my life, I got nothin’ to lose. I’m betting you don’t either.

Imagine if Facebook automatically deleted anything that was shared without being fact-checked? I would be so grateful if I no longer had to see “Child Porn Found on Obama’s PC”, “Hilary Clinton Guilty of 5 Mysterious Deaths” or “Prime Minister Trudeau Gives Away Bazillion Dollars to Anyone But Canadians” in my news feed. Sadly, today’s R. Kelly situation with enslaved girls in some kind of ‘cult’ in his basement may be true. The world is a horrible place sometimes.


Imagine if food didn’t have calories!? This random thought (wish) needs no further explanation. Think cheese. And french fries. Oh, and pie. Now I’m hungry.

I could get serious here and start asking all the philosophical, ethically challenging questions and start imagining the world without violence or racism or politicians, but we all know where that ends up and I wanted to take this Monday on like a real trooper.

So I would also like to imagine our world without hate. And as much as I try, it doesn’t seem possible. Why? Well, because we are humans. And I don’t mean this in an awful way. People are just people. Good people sometimes do bad things. Bad people can do good things. And sometimes we are all more alike than we care to see.

So on that note, imagine if John Lennon wasn’t shot on December 8th, 1980? What if Mark David Chapman never made it to the Dakota to stand in a crowd asking for autographs that night? Perhaps we would still be blessed with music and poetic words from one of the world’s greatest artists. Or maybe not. Maybe Lennon would have done something that turned fickle fans off. Perhaps he would just decide to quit making music and live with Yoko and Julian in the mountains somewhere? We will never know.

Imagine our world without John Lennon in it at all. That’s a horrible thought, isn’t it? I am grateful the world was able to have him for even a short time.

R. Kelly, on the other hand? Well, I think we can all safely say his music isn’t going to change the world and if he ends up being forced away from young girls, this would be a good thing! Can you just imagine?

I could write more, but my brain keeps changing its channels and my eyes see double sometimes, so it’s probably best I stop typing. Also, I have a craving for fries.

This Monday got me like: