It seems that humor is hard to find these days, even with the onslaught of political “alternative facts’ filling up our news feeds. Even Bill Maher can’t make me laugh like he used to. What used to be political satire with harmless jokes aimed at harmless leaders, now seems too damn real to be anything but scary. It’s hard to laugh at someone who has the power to destroy the free world (and I’m just a worried Canadian, imagine what those poor Americans must be going through?).

But all is not lost (yet). There is beauty and humor in the mundane occurrences of everyday life. I still giggle when I hear a toddler ramble in nonsensical serious talk; still laugh when I watch a Youtube video showcasing Nigerian Pygmy goats jumping in someone’s yard; still enjoy a good chuckle at a bad joke texted to me by my brother because it’s too offensive to go on Facebook. The humor is there, we just have to dig a little deeper to find it. And by dig, I mean anything but Saturday Night Live, because other than Alec Baldwin’s eerily perfect Trump schtick, I’m not even sure what the hell happened to Lorne Michaels’ show? Wasting an hour so late in your day waiting for something funny to happen on SNL should be criminal.


Nowadays, I skip the sitcoms entirely and find humor in places such as blogs, men’s magazine articles, Youtube, and from the news itself, when I can stomach it. HBO can throw “Girls” episodes at me all it wants, but nothing makes me laugh more than someone’s well-written sarcasm! Those people are the true heroes in today’s unfunny world.

To those who can craft a joke out of war and make us laugh in the face of uncertainty, I salute you. Let’s face it, today’s world is full of dismal facts, devastating photos, depressing studies and political injustice, and the people who can continually use the crap from the diaper that is our world to make us laugh, well these people are just plain magic.

To all the freaks and geeks, outcasts and misfits, who dare to say things the rest of us wouldn’t, and do it in a way that is both intelligent and funny, I demand you get a medal! Or some kind of award, anyways. Maybe they could make a new Nobel Prize category after all? And maybe someone could ask Jimmy Fallon to present it? At the very least, it would garner some much-needed interest for the Nobel people. Whoever they are.

So, in these trying and depressing times, remember to take time out of your day to watch, listen to, or even do something that makes you laugh so hard you pee a little. I urge you to surround yourself with those people who can make you laugh so hard you snort, helping you forget about the shitstorm that is life.

If you’re having a hard time finding things that make you smile these days, just remember, that Lenny Kravitz, one of the coolest people in Hollywood – honestly, on the planet – is named Lenny. This gorgeous, stylish, talented man was born with the name Leonard. Kravitz.

If that doesn’t make you smile, then you might as well skip the Nigerian Pygmy goat videos too. I’m sorry, but I cannot help you.