So much for that idea.

For some insane reason, I decided to check out ‘blogging ideas’ and typed those two words in to the all-mighty Google. Let’s just say it was a shit storm of ‘experts’ looking suspiciously like the stock photos in the picture frames at Pier 1. Being the curious human being that I am -or maybe just a fool – I clicked on their expertise. The first one I saw was written by a pretty young lady who is a self-proclaimed ‘Expert Blogger’, and apparently she thinks we all need a list of 101 Blog Post Ideas to make our blogs sizzle. No shit. Hot. 101? Naturally I am thinking this has to be spectacular stuff! I am feeling like I hit the Holy Grail, Christmas and my birthday all in one shot. As you can tell, it doesn’t take much to excite me so I quickly start reading….let’s just say by “Idea” 63 I closed the page with such disappointment (and embarrassment that I got through 63 ideas) I felt compelled to complain about it — in a blog post.


I suppose I can give the Pier 1 Picture Frame Lady credit as she definitely fueled my desire to type again. Just perhaps not in the manner this lovely expert was hoping for? That’s just minor details in the fight to conquer the internet I guess. I am all for inspiring others and lending your knowledge and expertise, but telling people to brainstorm ideas on paper like it’s some new concept and not the mandatory way of pretty much all creative writing back before the world used laptops and email, is not an ‘idea’. Sorry lady, that one shouldn’t have even made the list, let alone crack the top 10 . Yes, it’s a tool, but it sure isn’t a new, creative ‘idea’. The expert had a few more doozies up her blogging sleeve, and some she stated more than once. ‘Make a list’ appears about 3 times in different variations. I may or may not have passed grade school math by cheating (I plead the fifth!), so I’m no expert here, but I do think that makes the total number of ideas to be 99. Again, I could be wrong. Considering she is the professional it could just be that I have no idea what professional bloggers need for ideas, and that what sounds like a basic step in a high school Creative Writing class is clearly significant stuff to chew on. Maybe I am just PMS’ing and over reacting to the idea that people who write creatively need inspiration through random clicks on the web that say “make a list” or “tell a personal story” or “write about current events.” I am no professional, but something tells me most of us have already thought of those.

The entire list of 101 ideas just confirms my theory that if you write in pretty fonts and paste a picture of a waterfall or a cute animal next to that pretty font, you can type anything you want and people will believe it. And probably share it. The internet is full of great information and talented people. It is also full of animated puppets eating pig’s feet in a park and ‘alternative news’ that the POTUS reflects on daily (so it MUST be true if Trump says it!). Do we even remember what life was like before we had information at our fingertips? I wonder where all the encyclopedia sets that our parents bought from those door-to-door salesmen have gone? Click, scroll, click, scroll….backspace, backspace, backspace.

Sometimes the delete button is my friend. Other times, I live dangerously and hit enter.